My band has it's first gig this friday (another one of these threads)

So this will be my first time performing live with my band downtown at a bar with 2 other unknown local band and one "big" band from Vancouver.

I'm not really nervous (yet) as we still have 1 or 2 more practices to go and we can play our set through with little to no errors. The only thing that sucks is (literally) our singer. He has no previous musical experience, is terrible at keeping tiem in certain parts of songs, and is fairly tone deaf.

Now we've been thinknig about kicking him out for awhile, the only problem is, he's a real nice guy, and you acn see the frustration on his face when he screws up the same part for the 5 billionth time. And, we can't replace him now because it's too soon before the show. So, the plan is to ride it out and see what happens, the rest of us are pretty tight, so hopefully the people will like us all the same.

By the by we play ska incase anyone cared.

So, discuss any tips about first gigging, your first gigs, or what we should do about our singer (after the show, assuming a miracle doesn't happen).
What I would do is let him do the show and have his kicks or whatever and then tell him that its not working out
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Someone else in the band could try singing.

Tips for the gig:

Don't drink that much before playing

That's pretty much the single best piece of advice I can give you.
I don't plan on doing much drinking at all, maybe after at the bar if they give us free bar priveleges, cause they're not paying us.
What are the otehr bands?
My favorite band is Tool.

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my band is made up as friends so my advice maybe wont be as effective but yea we all know our strength and weaknesses so we manage to work around them we never speak about kicking someone out. Be OPEN with the issues don't keep anything in the dark...for example, don't let him walk into a practice session looking at his replacement that is really messed up im sure no nice guys really deserve that? right?

and as for the show...let it ride...its a live performance not only that but its your 1st!!! trust me there will be 1st bands performance was ok i remember our Lead Guitarist Ended his solo a few bars early but no one knew it was a mistake, only us the members lol everyone said it was a good show.

and if all else fails.......theres always Reverb and Chorus Pre-amp effects for your singer :P
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give your vocalist some "lubricant" by intoxicating him

that way, he would either: a.) be better than what you'd expect or b.) if he screws up, he will at least look cool on-stage and be more charismatic
Wow, this is the exact same situation with my band, minus the ska part...
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What are the otehr bands?

One band reminds me of greenday, rock/pop kinda thing, another band is an "emo" band, they're nice people but the music is terrible, and the band from vancouver is another rock/pop band with guitar solos called Unwinding melody, i think.

And I'm hoping if our singer at least has a good stage prescense and belts out the lyrics, his timing/tone matching won't matter as much.
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Just do you best so if the singer shows up to sing good, your not the idiot who made this thread just to have it be your the bad player.

I'm not sure what you're trying to say, but if it's you accussing me of being our terrible singer, I can assure you I am not, I am in fact the "okay" bass player.
My professional opinion, not that I have a profession, is that he should take some singing lessons, they improve your ability to sing drastically, especially with things like timing and breathing.

That's my 2.1547686048 cents worth.
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