this one is called 'the hurt & remembrance'

i messed up things of my past
turns tragic as things were think black fast
hope I just can still call you 'friend'
a friend so i can turn my back to
an agreement would clear this heart

speak it out you know its for the best
if you leave now i couldn't care less
i cant afford angels with rip off wings
my days feel numb with all these stings
a blinded you is deaf to the fact that i was there

so if this is where we're heading
I'll go before we'll reach the darkened end
i promised you this wouldn't hurt
blew the candle sunshine, promises are meant to be broken

so destroy me as we go
damn sure you'll let go before I know
kiss my wounds and I'll bite yours
blew the candle sunshine, cruelty isn't my best intention

everything around me reflects on your casket mirror
dig a hole as I'm part broken like a wounded deer
is this suppose to make things better now?
but you never seem to let go
switch me off dear,
you control me
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i'm a superstar