So I'm going to be upgrading my PRS SE Paul Allender with some new pickups soon. I play death metal rhythms and leads (think Black Dahlia Murder), as well as some cleans, think Opeth. I'm not extremely picky on clean tones, I just don't want anything horrible!

I know that I want to get SD Active pickups because I've had EMG's in the past and always liked their output. Don't tell me to get EMG's or to get anything else because I know I want active Seymour Duncans.

My problem is this: which ones to get? I'm liking the AHB-2 because of its output, but it's only a humbucker. Could I get that and a regular Blackout for the neck pickup?

What would sound good for my needs and not be impossible to set-up myself?

Thanks UG!
I'm using my Damage Control Demonizer's direct output into my computer for recording. It has built in analog cab/mic simulation.
EMG-HZ Pickups! Hear the Distortion not the fuzz!!

oh and if you wanna be unique throw in a fernandes sustain pickup so you can switch off pickups! during your solos to get the best out of your guitar check em out

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And to the dude saying HZs, no, just no.
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So why do you feel you need new pickups?

I don't feel they would make much of an improvement in this situation.

Well as far as I know you don't have the same set-up as me and you haven't heard the difference between EMG's and stock SD's through this pedal, so obviously you wouldn't know why.

So you could just take my word that new pickups would improve my tone?
No...? Because I know it won't?

Pickups have less of an effect in a direct-in setup than you think. Hell, they have less of an effect in an actual amp setup than you probably think.

Active pickups actually probably the last thing you want in this kind of setup. More of a chance you're going to cause clipping. The bad kind.
But the output is monitored both on the pedal and on my tube audio interface, so even with a boosted input volume (which the tube circuit of the demonizers is perfectly equipped to handle) there won't be hard clipping (the bad kind
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If you know that actives will help your tone so much, why do you need our help?

Because if you read my message at all, I was asking for peoples suggestions on WHICH ONES (hint: there are more than one kid, noob!)
just get the AHB-1s
the 18v ones have more output then you need really. They'll probably just cause your Demonizer to clip.

I doubt they'll make much of a difference though.
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Why'd you make a thread if you weren't going to take anyone's advice? If the only two options were emgs or blackouts then you should just try them yourself.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not

I'm sick of all these newbs asking GG&A for advice than not accepting what we have to say

SD livewire's are good pickups.

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I'm sick of all these newbs asking GG&A for advice than not accepting what we have to say

Me too. Is it an emo thing?