So, hi, seeing as this is my first post here, I would like to introduce myself.
I am from San Francisco, California, and am currently attending School of the Arts high school for visual arts (drawing ETC. but not performing arts), and I like to consider myself a budding guitarist and philospher, but this is for my song.
So, this is my song written for my music class:

(I have a shortened version and a longer one, separated by +++++{ from the long version)

Bleak Winter Day


Staring out my window,
Just a bleak winter day.
Felt like I should seal my world,
I picked up my guitar and started to play.

That blizzard outside seemed like a wonderland,
I decided to jump and see where I’d land.
Suddenly gravity had no hold on me,
So I flew away from the world’s misery.

I had no worries about death and ascension,
Just thinking of love and all those around me.
I cannot explain this queer sensation,
Floating along on a breeze of temptation.

The bleakness of truth intrudes upon these,
These wondrous things called spontaneous dreams.
+++++{Wondering why life is so structured,
This dream like a balloon so suddenly punctured.

The chord I had strummed gradually stopped,
The scene out the window seemed like a painting to me.
Looking about my bedroom so strange,
It‘s hard to believe that this is reality}+++++

C&C appreciated

If one could also help me compose a short musical score for it I would be a very happy adolescent ( ) and would thank you for life.
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