ok I just installed a new SD SH-4 pickup in my les paul and I tried to put in a series parallel in the bridge pickup with a push pull pot. I finished and sound comes through on all settings but it seems to be a little quiter and thinner sounding than it should be and also I am getting a LOT of interferance. It sounds like computer signals or something digital like that. I tried another les paul it didn't do that at all so I know its not the amp or cable. Any ideas on what it would be? Maybe a grounding issue. How would I go about finding that?
I used this scheme

Remember I only did it to the bridge tone pot not both.

Those switches affect the pickup itself. As in, it affects whether the bridge pickup is wired in series or parallel. Okay?
They don't affect the other pickup.

If you have a SD pickup, and you follow their diagram....it WILL work. You have done something wrong here. Make sure all your solder joints are shiny and clean. Having lumpy or dirty ones is bad, those are called cold solder joints, and they are unreliable.
ok i just finished going through and checking ALL of the solders. I worked on a couple of them. Still the crazy computer like signal sounds. I used the Capacitors that was already in it. They are a different value but I figured they would still work since it worked fine before. The cap says its 104k 100v. Could this be the problem?
104K? urhhh lol wut?

I would say do what azrael tells you to, after all he is right. Follow the instruction provided by SD, and use the correct caps.
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