Poll: Should stuntmen receive recognition at the Oscars?
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14 64%
3 14%
I don't watch/care about the Oscars.
5 23%
Voters: 22.
*poll coming*

For several years, filmmakers and movie fans alike have been trying to get stunt performers recognition at the Academy Awards.

What do you think? Do you believe stuntmen should be recognized at the Oscar ceremonies?
not at the oscars but defintly tehy should get bsome reward ceremony
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Never actually thought of that, it's an interesting idea though. Maybe something like Stunt Coordination, I don't know.
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no...the visual effects person can get an award as could a director because they ultimately tell the stunt man what to do..
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Stuntmen are the bassists of the film industry. The job would be a pain in the ass without them and the finished product would end up feeling like it was missing something if they weren't there, but no one really cares who they are.
the movies wouldnt be nearly as exciting without them. they deserve to be recognized.
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