Well, I know I shouldn't be posting stuff about guitars in the bass forum, but I figured we'd see a bit more humor in it than others .


"I bought this guitar with the highest hope to full-fill my deep burning passion to be a rock star, and they came true. This thing is great for some of your shred and sweep picking. You be playing through some Yngwie Malmsteen and a little John Petrucci in no time with this beastly axe. This thing is worth more than its price, and it sound balls to the walls ****ing awesome running off my Squier 5 watt starter amp.


Posted by BeastlyShred220 from Satin's Asshole on Aug 13, 2008"


"when i first layed eyes upon this beauty I was awe shocked. When I slapped some strings on it, it sang to me. I knew that this guitar was handed down by mighty Zeus himself with a little Posidion sprinkles dashed every which way. But to the point I strongly advise you as a fellow musical prodigy/practicing Buddhist to by this guitar

Posted by Cornelios from elevator music oh wait I mean new york on Nov 7, 2007

In a ton of reviews you will see the "I bought this for my daughter", you know they secretly had to have it.
Also, on the strat, does the girl in the picture come with the guitar?

I believe my work here is done.
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i've thought of buying that guitar a few times, just for kicks and giggles.
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if she's squatting over you it greatly increases the risk of breaking your dick in case it comes out. but that shouldn't be a problem for UGers because they all have 8" penises.
I hate the hello kitty guitar and I am sorely tempted to close this thread just on principle.

[edit] Damn it...its being closed....its not a bass, hell its not even a real damn guitar.