I really had no idea what I am shopping for other than a 6-string acoustic.
I know what kind of look I want, but it's really hard to choose considering there are soooo many different options to choose from.
Price is also a factor, I probably want something that is like 50-200?
That's probably my price range.

If someone could help me, that'd be so awesome, cause I need help finding a good one! I don't want to get a cheap one though, and realize that it isn't good and end up buying a new one. I need a guitar that I will keep for a longlong time.

Can somebody help me??
Any tipss, suggestions, etc would help
If you buy a $200 guitar, chances are that it won't take long until you realize that you want something better. That being said, my first acoustic was a Samick/Greg Bennett D-2. It cost me about $150, and it was really great for the price, look it up. After less than a year I realized that I wanted something more, and I upgraded to my current acoustic, a Martin DX1, which cost $550, and is much better in terms of sound and playability.