I'm considering getting a 5150 head+ 2x12 cab or the combo. I plan on pulling tubes to run the head at 60 watts. I'm leaning towards the stack. The combo seems huge for transportations frequently. I play metallica, all that remains, racer x, van halen, dethklok, various other metal bands. What cabs should I look for that are around the $500 ish area? Should I just buy a box and speakers seperatley? What tubes specifically should I put in it to mange a little cleans with the chorus but keep the gain in the lead. JJ's seem to be favored. I'm playing a mahogany neck thru RG with inf pups. Was considering a paf pro for the neck and no idea for the bridge. Any recommendations? I want to keep it wired 5 way. That's how it now and I like it. So do you think the 5150 is for me or should I keep looking. I've searched plenty, and read most of the 5150/6505 thread. If you haven't played or heard one before please do not post.
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