I have a Jackson JS30RR. I've heard everywhere that its crap compared to the more expensive version. The $650+ version, Jackson RR3 Rhoads Pro. I was wondering if its really worth it. Is there really a much more better sound coming from the RR3? ( I would think so,.. heck it better be, for $350 dollars more o_o. )
I can't really compare a cheap jackson to a more expensive one, but i can with Dean. $250 ML XP to a $650 79 ML (actually a fair bit more with the pickups i have). The answer is there is no comparison. They both have 6 strings and thats where it ends. Build quality, fit finish and the almighty tone is far superior with the more expensive guitar. Kinda like comparing my Esteban to my Martin. I think you get the idea.
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Well the pickups are an improvement, the RR3 also has a Floyd Rose. Also, the RR3 has a maple top. I did notice the JS30RR has 24 frets compared to the RR3's 22. The wood and general quality will be better.