Question #1: I'm the vocalist for a screamo/metalcore band, and we are going to be playing some shows soon. My problem is, I don't know what a vocalist in my genre of music is supposed to be doing on stage. I'm certainly not going to stand there like an idiot if possible. Sometimes when I really "feel" the music, but I'm not singing, I sorta run in place with the tempo while kinda doing the "pick up pennies" mosh type thing with my hands. I just feel kinda stupid while doing it. I was thinking of either starting a mosh pit or joining one during the breakdowns but i'm not too sure about that either. I want to get the crowd pumped, but I really don't know what to do. Any suggestions?

Question #2: When I go to local shows, I tend to get too into the music and mosh/dance/headbang harder than my body can handle. I try not to use my neck muscles to avoid serious neck and back strain, but I still really can't move the next couple of days. So my question is: will my body's muscles strengthen over time so I won't hurt my muscles as bad or should I really just take it easy (which is like impossible)?

Sorry for not getting to point earlier in the quesitions. I had to start somewhere.
i would go to youtube and look up what some bands do live, and feel what works for you from there.

as for the pit, i know what you mean. id love an aswer to that question too lol. :-)
question 1, just do anything but can i ask that since your in a metalcore and not a hardcore band, that you not like bend your body to face the ground when you scream. I know its the norm for those bands but looks just dumb (imo). as to do things, put the mic down just down with the crowd, get em clapping, get them involved is the most part to having a good show. but only get in and mosh/jump/whatever with em if you know you'll have enough time to get back on stage.

question 2. umm it should do maybe go a bit easier especially on the neck. But if you want to help this maybe do some exercise or weights

and good luck
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yeah that to, like just slowly roll your neck around and from side to side, key word slowly
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I used to be a 'headbanger' back in the early 80s, and although it was nothing like as violent as todays mosh pits, it still left me with back problems later in life.
When headbanging use your whole body and not just your neck. It relieves SO much pressure from your neck.
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Yeah that is what I was trying to do haha. I still feel the pain, and the show was 3 days ago haha.