There is a little story behind the wall,
Where the morning sun stares upon,
A tale so pure and so true,
Even dark nights turn to dawn.
Be on each other side while walking,
Full of gladness in our lives,
Holding hands, close and tight,
That sweet memory still survives.

Carrying all burdens that we share,
Let them go with wonderful care,
When troubles come it's unfair,
But such hearts would find another way.
Eyes could tell how we both feel,
Forever looks to go along,
Could never got tired and lonely,
Love was something very strong.

Don't turn away when it's over,
We know they can start it again,
Don't run away with heart of sorrow,
We'll will wash off all the stain.

Everything we have written is new,
Always seem to find things to do,
The time we seek for happiness,
Found many ways of saying 'I love u'.
All we have seems to be the same,
Playing in the field you found,
We built our path together,
A road that is going around.

Hopes don't fall and dreams arise,
There's nothing too big to hold,
Patience and forgiveness will,
Be with us till they grow old.
Ready to catch when our feet won't stand,
Every prayer will ease the pain,
Went through the gentle journey,
Behind the wall where there's no end.
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