Hey Pit, I know some of you are actually intelligent out there. I need an idea for a science fair project for physics that hasn't been done 50 million times. Even something that's pretty popular that I could modify would be completely acceptable. I'm really stumped for ideas right now.
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Here is a cool one.

You go find yourself a Large Hadron Collider. You run two particles as close to the speed of light as you can, in opposite directions. Then you smash them together and then you can make an approximation of how things might have been in the first few seconds of the Universe.

Sounds like an A+ for sure.
fix the Large Hadron Collider.

I kid.

If you can just do a model or explain something, making some sort of representation of what the Higgs Boson is supposed to do, that would be both current and really interesting.

Or do a solar system model representing the new changes to it.

If it has to be an experiment, I'm drawing a blank on something that hasn't been done to death that one could actually do for a school project.
a rube golberg machine? i'm sure i spelled it wrong, but you could explain the ways in which it uses the laws of physics to carry out its task. that, and they're fun to build/watch.
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