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Washburn X40 Pro
1 4%
Schecter Blackjack ATX (or Hellraiser) FR
9 32%
Jackson DKMG
9 32%
B.C. Rich Mockingbird ST
4 14%
B.C. Rich ASM Pro
3 11%
Other (please specify)
2 7%
Voters: 28.
Well i'm getting a new guitar and i'm wasting no time thinking about which one i want, because i want this bad boy to last me a while. I play a lot of stuff, not as much clean. Keep that in mind. Mainly classic hard rock, some classic rock, modern metal, metalcore, progressive, etc. I've drifted to these guitars which caught my eye for different reasons. I also prefer fat, rounder necks.

Washburn X40 Pro
Nice seymour duncan pickups, but what really got my attention was the schaller floyd rose.

Schecter Blackjack ATX FR
This because of the ebony freboard, OFR, and blackouts. I was thinking this or the Hellraiser.

Jackson DKMG
Because of the EMGs, alder body, and Jackson being highly recommended.

And I am not normally interested in B.C. Rich but these seem like nice guitars...
Mockingbird ST
Neck-thru, pickups i'm not too sure about, but it has coil tapping and other cool switches, and an OFR.
Neck thru, EMG pickups, OFR, and ebony fretboard.

If i can i'm going to try to get a used Music Man Axis, but for now i'd rather just keep this down to earth and realistic.

So, which do you recommend and why? Poll up, and you can recommend your own. Please no ibanez, i don't really like the think and flat necks.

EDIT: And please specify as to why you chose a certain one.


Double Edit:
Fixed link now.
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i take it you like the super strat body and you want a floyd?
if so hands down either schecter

i have a jackson RR3 its neck is pretty much a wizard so you will prolly not like the dinky
have you looked into dean? their hardtail is pretty nice. what exacly is the asm?
your link sent me to the mockingbird again..

oh oops! i forgot to specify a reason.

high quality woods
beautiful looks
ofr ftw+++
good pickups
schecters have thin but round necks its the best of both worlds
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here you go
its the dean vendetta 4.0
freakin beautiful

mind you for 50 bucks if you dont like the pickups that come in it you can get a set of gfs
me and another friend have 3 different sets and they are great.
heres the link
i recomend crunchy rails for the bridge (its pretty much the dimebucker)
and the fat pat or crunchy pat for the neck
they wont disapoint you.
that dean looks just like a carvin its sweet.

the pickups are amazing, trust me.
I don't think any of the necks on those guitars are to thick. I've had a Jackson, and the neck was pretty thin, as was the BC Rich I had as well. The Hellraiser was a bit thicker then the Jackson and BC Rich, more like a 'C' I suppose.
try these also check the specs and compare them with epiphone and gibson


Thanks for the suggestion but as you can see i'm not really interested in getting another les paul atm.