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Ive been playing guitar for a good 4.5 years now and since ive started iv been really into realy funky music. RHCP were my first big influence and John Frusciante is still my favourite guitarist. Im now expanding my music range and gone into Classic Rock like Deep Purple and Golden Earing and Dire Straights and Led Zepp and a few others..... Now im trying to find out some realy fukny bands. The only bands i can think of r RHCP and Extreme and The Meters...

Can you please name a few more so i can learn new skills and techneques...

umm i think red hot chilly pepers do sum funk n stuff
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well, theres Rage against the machine if you want some angry funk metal
Faith no More are good for that too
I don't know if this is exactly what you want, but it is amazing. It's kind of funky, kind of folk, and very experimental.

I recommend any Kinsella band. I'm listing them in the order of my personal favorite to the ones that I don't listen to much.

Make Believe
Cap'n Jazz
American Football
Joan of Arc

If you are interested, send me a PM, and I'll see what I can do to get you some of these.
Ohio Players.

Oh, and check out Johnny "Guitar" Watson. You will literally shit a pimpin' brick of funk.
I also enjoy Otis Redding a lot, even thought that is more Soul, but he has so much of it . . .
Kylie Minogue

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Breakestra, Papa Grows Funk, The Bamboos, The New Mastersounds, Diplomats of Solid Sound. You also might like some of Stanton Moore's solo material or Galactic/Garage a trois.
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