hey UG, i know that all chords are made from some form of scales, as are riffs etc, etc.

But how are scales built ? i havent been playing guitar for TOO long (2 years-ish), and i know a fair bit of theory. But ive never heard bout how scales are built.

Someone please clarify that.

The easiest way to clarify it would be that all things in music work off formulas. The way you may know your chord formulas as:

major triad: 1 3 5
minor triad: 1 b3 5 etc...

The same goes for scales. The major scale formula follows T T S T T T S where T= tone and S= semitone respectively.

Chords are built over a 2 octave scale, meaning that is where the extensions of 11 and 13 come from.

each scale has its own formula, along with modes. Perhaps find a list somewhere of scales including their exotic forms and from that you could work out their formulas as such along with their respective chords being built from them.

Enjoy, hope this helps.
Have a look at Josh Urban's Crusade articles, in the Columns section
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Have a look at Josh Urban's Crusade articles, in the Columns section

Good articles.

I'm not sure quite how much theory you know, but I've started a set of theory lessons too, see below.