hello all, im trying to find the number 8, in different styles and other idea that would go with the number 8, google is no damn help at all. im trying to find like graffiti,gothic, just general cool styles of 8, i want to get it as a tattoo but need to get ideas first, u ask why the number 8? cause its mine and my dads fav number so i want to have it on my skin for my own value, any help would be really awesome thanks, also my niece was born 08-08-08
Look at the wikipedia page for 'infinity'. There are a few designs there.

Just turn them sideways, BAM! You have an eight.
8 is a number of evil, if you take it you'll be jinxed
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even better! muwahahaha!!!EVILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

Oh, I didn't notice that you too are a minion of satan : )
Amocracy over democracy.