Hey guys!
This is a question i have been wondering for quite sometime in music but have always been too embarased to ask. The question is I have really no clue when musicians are saying 1sts 2nds 3rds 5ths? I really have no idea what it means.
Can someone please explain?
Thank you
by your explanation, i think they are referring to intervals.
for example in a key a c major

C would be the 1st
D would be the 2rd
E would be the 3rd (a C major chord would be formed from this)
G would be the 5th ( as in a C power chord)
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A scale has 8 degrees, with the 8th being the Octave. The 8th is the same note as the first, but double the frequency etc etc.

In C major the degrees in order are -


When we build chords we build in 3rds, so a major chord used degrees 1 3 5 which is-

Due to the circle of fifths, subsequent keys from C major start to get sharps, for example G major is-
G A B C D E F#

then D Major-

D E F# G A B C#

D major is built from 1 3 5 in the D Major scale which is-
D F# A

Read some basic lessons on this site, then ask more specifics here.

Learning is fun. honest.
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So wats an intveral?

An interval is the distance between the 2 degrees in a scale. Most commonly defined from the root of a scale or chord.


A major 3rd is the distance from the root to the 3rd in the C Major scale. This is C to E.

A perfect 5th is the distance from C to G.

musictheory.net has really good interval lessons. you will have to google that, becasue i don't know the exact link.