ok so i bought this alder strat body and maple neck with a rosewood fretboard...and well,i have plans with these parts..

i'm planning to sand off the black paint of the guitar body and then dye the body...any opinions?

next, for the neck, i'm also gonna sand the maple part and die it...gonna try not to touch the fret board as i have no idea how to refret it or anything...maybe i'll go send it to a shop to get it gone properly...

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ok so...i think i've discovered one reason why the body was so cheap..(although i've not sanded off the paint to check the alder wood quality)

for one,the body is full of holes..i'm fairly sure the body is at least 3rd hand..so maybe the 2nd owner only bought the body and not the neck..so he had to re screw the holes? i'm not sure myself..

but, i feel that its best to fill up every single hole with wood filler? because i'm actually going to want to play this guitar...so i was hoping for the best i can get with this stuff i got cheap...

i'll post up photos soon...so maybe you guys can at least check out the rosewood fret board quality?


ok so next problem..the paint..it is really wierd..it isn't normal paint..

when i sand real hard with the roughest sandpaper, all i get is a built up of the paint leftover..

i am really short of equipment so can you guys recommend me some effective ways of getting rid of this paint?

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Just hand sand with like pretty course paper and you'll be fine, take it down to the seal above the alder, never into it. Be warned your in for a long day sanding, good look on the horns!
seal? ok so heres another problem..what you mean is laquer right?

ok so i don't think the previous owner used any protective coat of whatevery...i think he just painted it off...

but it IS ok if i just scrub off the paint till i see bare wood? then i'll continue sanding with finer grained sand paper?

oh yeah, forgot to tell you guys...i won't be starting this project till two weeks from now..exams...hehe,tho i'm obviously distracted..
You can't paint straight onto wood - the pours in the wood make it look like poo. The wood needs to be sealed, then painted, then laquerd. By leaving the sealing layer you save yourself an extra job.

Sanding by hand will take you a long time, £20 on a small hand held electric sander will save you hours of your life. If you're going to do this again then they are a must - esp if the next body you have has thick laquer on it (im stripping a westone at the moment, without the sander I'd have given up, the laquer is like concrete).

For the holes I would plug them with dowl - the more wood you have the better (if wood filler made a good tone you'd be able to buy guitars made out of it).

Edit - wood filler and dye isn't a good combo. If the body is as messed up as it sounds I'd go for paint. If you still want to dye it ten take the sealer off, the dye cant soak in with it on.
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Like when you get to the thinner bits of paint there will be like a white/clear seal usually laquer, once you get to this, use finer sand paper to like smooth the whole body but you need it a little rough so you have a "key" for your laquer/prime to lie.

I think there's a sanding thread around, check it out its pretty useful!
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Edit - wood filler and dye isn't a good combo. If the body is as messed up as it sounds I'd go for paint. If you still want to dye it ten take the sealer off, the dye cant soak in with it on.

ok...the holes i'll be filling will be the screw holes..because some acces screw holes are around...so i'll plug them up and re drill the wholes for a specific screw..

besides, the screws will be covered up...

and i'm hopnig for results like this..
Dude, to be fair, your gonna be sanding for a while if you want your strat to be a drum
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alright..so can you guys tell me whether the fret board is good quality? or the neck?