For a piece of coursework (a minute long sound clip) I figured id make some creepy guitar riff run through the whole thing.

I've been playing around with Radiohead's Karma Police but I can't quite figure out what defines creepy.

Any suggestions on how to play a more creepy riff, or chords or tabs that sound pretty weird. I'll propably distort the hell out of the guitar using audio effects tho, so if people know how to do that, it would be great to know as well.
Try using diminished or augmented chords, or using the Locrian mode.or maybe minor chords, but you would have to use effects to bring the guitar back, so it can sort of be in the background.
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tune it.. down? like Tony Iommi?
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Pick the strings just above the 12th fret. It makes the guitar sound hollow and ghosty-like.
picking any note exactly 12 frets above it gives it a muted but cool sound.

diminished scales are pretty nice
Tune it down and/or use really heavy gauge strings to give it a really dark or deep sound which, depending on what you are playing, could add to the sound. Use augmented or diminished chords, as boogieman said, as well as minor chords. If you are picking individual notes , then experiment with playing the notes on different strings and letting the notes ring instead of being muted. Sometimes ringing notes will create an odd interval and sound cool. Also, pinch harmonics can have a good effect if used well, just don't base the whole thing off of them, because that would sometimes make it sound pretty. also, try muting it a little.

The whole concept of being creepy is essentially us feeling "uncomfortable" with the music. That being said, try to make your song a little uncomfortable, so that it feels wrong and creepy. Every 3 or 5 note, sort of bend the note up a little (so that it feels wrong or out of place) and sustain it a little longer for emphasis.

Those are just suggestions
Post an mp3 or video of what you have when you are finished.
Pick a low note the gently pull the headstock towards yourself, it should give a wierd sounding noise, carful though you dnt wanna tug it right off! Haha
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Pick a low note the gently pull the headstock towards yourself, it should give a wierd sounding noise, carful though you dnt wanna tug it right off! Haha

Yea, make sure you're gentle or else you'll end up like this idiot.
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Saddest scale is D minor, so just play around with that
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