So I made a guitar this year,
I have one issue with it, the action is too high and I also get fret buzz.

I have a truss rod in this bass guitar but I have pretty much maxed it out, the bass does not seem to be bowed at all so I don't think it' the problem with the bowing of the truss rod. btw if the truss rod is adjusted anymore, I am positive it will give up
I have adjusted the bridge as low as I can but it is still too high and any lower I get a tremendous amount of fret buzz.
So what I am thinking is that it much has something to do with the neck height.

I am pretty lost right now and If anyone has had the same problem please let me know

could be the angle the neck goes onto the body, the neck might not be low enough and the nut might be too high up to name a few
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If its bolt on you could shim a neck angle into the pocket, which should sort out the action. You could also recess the bridge, but thats a lil invasive since the guitars done.
Remember truss rods dont produce immediate effects, if you adjust the truss rod, and then play the guitar the next day the neck will be in a different position.

btw what happened to the fret ends?

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Yeah i put in smaller frets, Had a lil trouble getting out the bigger ones and i was a little reckless towards teh end