I wonder if anyone can help me?!

My name is Rich and I've been playing guitar casually for about 5 or 6 years now. I have an Epiphone Les Paul and a Yamaha RGX A2 with a Roland Cube 20x practice amp

I've never had any lessons, when i first started I learned from books and everything else I've just picked up as I went sort of thing.

Basically I've seem to of hit a point where I'm not really learning or progressing any more.

What I tend to do most is play along to songs I like - both the original versions and some backing tracks. I use tabs from online somtimes but mostly just play by ear and try and work out the solos and stuff. I play along lead with the tune and stuff as well

I know open chords and barre chords, I know and can work out note names and do all the major, minors, sevenths etc etc

I know the basic scale and the pentatonic scale.

I just dont really know what to do next. I have a very low concentration span and while lessons are available to read online I find it hard to learn by reading text off a computer screen so I've never really tried that way.

I dont really know that much music thoery, I would like to be able to know how to improvise and make proper solos etc. As aposed to playing random stuff and hoping it sounds right

Whats the best way to move forward? I'm bored of playing the same things now. Should I invest in some professional tuition? If so what should I look for in an instructor as I've never had music lessons before.

If not are there any good books I could buy to learn from? Like I say I'd like to avoid reading from computer screens as I get distracted easily! Books are OK though.

I'm guessing I'd also benefit if I tried jamming with more experience guitarists too as I've never really done that.

Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated!
Start a band.

Professional tuition is always great but it's expensive and not as fun as starting a band.

You'll be exposed to a whole load of new stuff from the people in your band, the music they like, the other bands you see at gigs, the people you meet there and form new bands with, etc, etc...
There's a lot of these kind of posts. The longer I've played the more I believe we all
have an inner voice that tells us exactly what we need to do. We just don't listen to it.
So, it's not a matter that you can't progress so much as you won't.

Another thing I believe more and more is that there's really only 1 basic principle to
making progress: The more light you shine on something, the faster you will progress.
That light is your attention and awareness.

You can learn to focus your attention. Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar is a good
book for this. It's really what that book is all about. www.guitarprinciples.com
It was already said, but lessons are a great option. I was kind of in the same boat as you, maybe just not as advanced when I first started taking lessons. If you take lessons, they might start you from the very basics, unless you already know everything about it. That's what they did with me, and I found that I left out some important things when teaching myself.

A band is also a great option, but we all know how hard it is to get a band together that you actually get along with. One of the problems I run into constantly in my band is, we don't all like the exact same music, and some people are less apt to trying something out of their genre.

That's just my piece of advice, and I wish you well in your guitar playing journey.
Learn Theory! Modes :p
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