hey guys, im lookin for an awesome starting point to create a kickass band name e.g. an awesome topic/theme, etc. Help me out.

Well... I would tell you my awesome names but I plan to use them when my drummer finally realizes out current name is crap and agrees that we should change it.
MaKing thE possiBlE...
...totaLlY impossible
gonna be hard getting help man,so hard to get a good band name,weve just come up with a kickass name too but i wont reveal till the trademark and copyright work is finalised,10 weeks to go.
Sadly Quiet Riot was taken long ago.
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this is the biggest pile of crap i've seen since that little bit in jurassic parkwhere you see dino crap everywhere...
Our vocalist also needs to realise our current name is crap. Then again, I haven't found an awesome bandname to replace it.
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"I like dark jazz like OPETH"
"you should listen to BETWEEN THE BURIED IN ME"
"that is not real jazz"
event horizon, ooooo oooooo mystical

im not sure if thats already been taken but im not telling you my best one, thats for my own personal use
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