i dont know if it is the clothes they wear, their hair or the blatent low budget, its just creepy, more than todays horror films

I was watching a few clips of toxic avenger on youtube and as you would expect i threw up, especially the one where the kid gets run over. But for me it was just the whole vibe of the film.

Does anyone else feel this way
no but im tempted to check that out now. links?
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no but im tempted to check that out now. links?

i can put links up later, but im using the schools computer and youtube's filtered
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i can put links up later, but im using the schools computer and youtube's filtered

fine i'll do it the hard way and search myself
lol at the old lady scene
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Low budget films always seem to get more scares than a high budget film with the most up to date technology.

It's the same with programs such as Doctor Who. The original was scary for kids yet the new Doctor Who isn't scary at all.
Its all a matter of psychology, I mean I still jump playing all the old Resident Evils but alone in the dark was no fun at all, and the old original Quake was pretty cool but now its just silly, I think they try so hard that they sterilise it they end up making it more funny than scary. James Van Praaaaagh! in Beyond is scarier than today horror films.
We are desensitised as a generation to horror films, we don't find things scary as we are used to them whereas 30 years ago Cannibal Holocaust was giving people heart attacks as they had never seen anything like it.

This made me wanna whatch em lookes hilarious!
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i watched dario argentos' 'suspiria' last nite.

that was pretty awesome.
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After 2, they really went down hill.

Anyway, its because no one is afraid of CGI.
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Toxic Avenger is quite far from a horror film imo.

Unless it's the horror of ridiculously poor acting, effects and script.

But that's what defines Tromaville.

It's more like a novelty comedy.
Thats what made 80s horror the best. That and 70s horror.

Alot of Troma films are great because of their cheese factor. If Toxic Avenger made you puke then watch Terror Firmer. That will surely make you spew. Especially when the crazed transvestite serial killer shows his nasty vagina or when he makes his dad eat his own pickled wang.
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