I'm looking at buying a Strat for chrimbo. There's two type of body wood, Alder and Ash. How does each effect sound/tone.

Also, what about the wood used in the finger board how does Maple and Rosewood effect tone.
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Ash will give you a brighter tone, alder has more mellow tone. It makes a BIG difference.
Rosewood is warmer sounding, maple is brigher, but because the fretboard only makes up a small portion of a guitars woods, it is a very very subtle difference. The difference in feel is a more important factor here because maple feels a lot smoother than rosewood.
I heard that rosewood has a darker tone than most other fingerboards but that's just what i've heard and i'm probably half deaf from too much metal. So i just reiterated what he said and made no real difference. I shouldn't have posted. So....Yeah.... I'll go....Now.


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to me, the fretboard wood is quite noticeable, not so much in the tone, but in the attack of the note, maple has more attack and sounds a bit snappier, rosewood is a bit mellower... it's subtle, but it's there.
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