I have set up a very simple recording method but have one issue.

Here is the setup

Guitar --> GT-8(Input) -->(mono output)[using a 1/4"-1/8" adaptor--> Computer Mic input .

Im using Acid express 5.

I also have a decent set of pc speaker with a bass box thing, And at the same time it sounds very nice coming out of that.

When I record however and playback I can hear alot of clipping and it sounds very poor quality, Anything I can do to fix this?
Input > mic in?
.. or what?
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If you're using a desktop computer you should have a Mic In and a Line In. He's suggesting using the Line In, which from most accounts will give better results.

Unfortunately, a standard sound card in a PC is not made for recording like this. I would look for an audio interface for the best sound.
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as suggested, an audio interface would be the best way to go, and they are not too high in price these days.

Right now you are running to the mic port, not the line in. The problem here is the mic port has more gain and so you will easily clip and distort. Running to the line in fixes part of the problem but as said, stock cards are not made to record and so you get poor quality and latency.