Hi all. i am looking to find a good video that discusses the intro to songwriting in terms of composition and theory. I'm having trouble knowing what scales to use over what chords and how i should be layering instruments and vocals and such. any recommendations would be appreciated.

The soloing video in my sig will help a bit. The theory link in my sig will help a lot.

Songwriting comes down to a lot of dicking around: much failure and little success, but that success can be great and is worth the failure.

Just so you know, the first song you write will not be Stairway to Heavenesque. Start out my writing simple tunes akin to "Brown Eyed Girl." That will especially allow you to develop your ability to write lyrics and vocal lines over chords, as the backing won't be too complex.
thanks for the help. mainly i was looking for something to add to my netflix que. i understand most of the basics, so was just trying to figure out how people are able to throw together more complex arrangements. my uncle is actually a classical composer, but i think when hes not working he'd rather not sit down and talk a lot about it.