hey guys, a quick question - I'm looking for an acoustic-electric, something quality. Only thing I'm thinking of is gigging though... what would be the most expensive guitar you guys would gig with?
Hmm... never thought of that... I was thinking something in the $1000-$1500 range, I don't know if I'd get insurance for that - until the first time a drunk projects vomit my way that is
As expensive as you can afford? I've borrowed a $3000 martin DC-aura before. My house insurance actually covers my guitar as well, haha.
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yup my renters insurance covers my tools in my van as well as my guitars hope i never have to use it though.
Well I play a $1500 Larrivee Acoustic and a $3800 Gibson ES 335 on gigs. They're both insured every which way from sunday too.

Anyway, check out a Larrivee they've got some stuff in the 1000-1500 range, and they sound and play just as good as any $2000+ Martin or Taylor.
sweet guys, this is good to hear. At least I can get one without having to worry about it, I had no idea you could insure them for a decent price... *goin shopping this weekend*
on a side note, how exactly does insurance for a guitar work?
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