it's up to you
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I used my Index, which I presume is the pointer, but I don't think it really matters that much especially with two finger tapping, where you have to use both.
Personal preference.

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I use my index, Van Halen uses his index (However he holds his pick with his middle finger and his thumb)
Its all about prersonal preference, i tap with my middle finger because it allows me to still hold the pick easily, but then i can't tap well with my index (pointer). But my mate taps with index and hes just as good if not better. Its up to you.

try and get use to both as that will open up a world of possibilities in the future. Satriani uses alot of multiple finger tapping BTW.
I Tap With My Willie!!

But seriously i tap with my middle also. Just helps me get back into picking more seemlessly.
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I say learn to use both... And then use which ever is most useful at the time...

Like if you're doing a Van Halen song with tapping your going to want to use your middle

If your playing something like Midnight by Satch your going to use both...

If your just dong a song with just tapping you can use your pointer...
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I Tap With My Willie!!

But seriously i tap with my middle also. Just helps me get back into picking more seemlessly.

obvious 11 year old is obvious.

i think i use the middle finger but i don't know because i don't bother with tapping that much.
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generally i hold my pick with my thumb, index and middle. When I go to tap, i'll take my middle off the pick and use it on the fretboard.
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I prefer to do so with my index as it's easier to not hit other strings, but your middle finger has a bit more surface area, making it a little easier to get it sounding full, so you need to pick your compromise. Same goes for harmonics really.
1.) poll!
2.) if you're using this for the "right" way to do it, there is none. It's preference.

I use the pick.
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I don't tap too often, but if I do I generally use my middle finger so I can hold onto my pick.
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