My friend has an old dodge van(conversion type) sitting around with rusty paint, no seats in the back and no major mechanical defects. What should we do with it? We wanna paint it, and hopefully add some cool shit in the back. We were planning on a couch or 2, and possibly a bed. How should we paint it? What should we do to the interior?
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A mini fridge, curtains, a mattress, and 2 hot chicks.
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Paint a wizard on the side. Inside install a waterbed, disco globe and shag carpet.
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A mini fridge, curtains, a mattress, and 2 hot chicks.

That sir, would be one damn cool paintjob!
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you better paint "Free Candy" across the sides of it.

i'll be disappointed if you dont.

but yeah, put a bed in the back. that would be cool. maybe a disco ball as well. and lots of leopard print.
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Yeah dude, geta mini fridge, fill it with sodas and chips and good stuff, get a microwave, a little couch or something and a tank of nitrous oxide.
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Pimping Out A Van

Dunno what to tell ya, boy. I do mah pimpin IN a van.

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i have a shaggin wagon.
its bitchin.
the interior is in great condition too!
be jeallouss.
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Phone Xzibit.

this is honestly your best bet.

leave it to the pr0s.
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