the stock strings on my areodyne jazz played perfectly and i loved them feel and everything apart a bit sharp compared to others, a warn feeling as well
Im my locals music shop he reconmends to use super slinkly strings E 95s and I put on the a and e string on the bass ,and now its unplayble too tinny and clangy and shit.
I then put on the old stock strings and it plays nothing like before. and now i don't know what to do.

its suppost 2 do that wen u put new strings on
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Buy new strings, I'd reccomend Roto Swing 66's.
And then have a setup

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put on the new strings, play them for a little while and they should become more mellow. new strings always sound more twangy and metallic, sometimes to a harsh degree.
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New strings always sound tinny and feel like they're gonna tear your fingertips off.
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I for one love the clackyness of new strings, but thats just it, everyone has different opinions. some bassists never change their strings cos they like the tone.
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What kind of sound are you going for? You could try flatwounds if you like a bassy, mellow sound.
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What kind of sound are you going for? You could try flatwounds if you like a bassy, mellow sound.

this sounds right. you would adore a good pair of flats I bet. sound like dead strings, feel very smooth.
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Did you by chance go to a lighter gauge? If so, you need to do a basic setup. Read the FAQ for Delirium's instructions. If they don't make sense, take it to the shop and have them do it for you and show you how its done for future reference.
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