Hi I'm kinda new to the guitar and I've been trying
to figure out how to play the main riff in "Understanding" by Evanescence
possibly the whole song. i just need to figure out where to position my fingers
and any other extra tips that make playing the song easier lol
I don't know the song myself but what I would suggest is to go on youtube and find some covers of the song you want to learn and study the fingers of the player in the video. Pause frequently if it's too fast for you. Some songs will have in-depth lessons but I don't if there is one for that Evanescense song.
I guess I'll go try and find a good cover where i can see the players fingers then lol
thanks for teh help
The youtube thing is a splendid idea, you should maybe try getting Guitar Pro, it's so easy to learn with a program so visual.
im kinda new to the guitar too, ive been playing for about a year now but i went about half a year without playing so im a little rusty lol. but i think the best place to start is with power chords, its just 1 shape on different frets, its almost too easy but if you can play power chords really well theres millions of songs u can play. the rhythm guitaring to Paranoid by Black sabbath is all just power chords so ive mastered all of it, im trying the solo now, it doesnt look as hard as it sounds but it should still be a bitch, after a couple of months im ready for the big stuff! anyone got any tips 4 playing the solo? feel free 2 send me a message or somethin, any help will do