My dad gave me this guitar, but it's missing three strings and a peg. My dad received the guitar from a friend who probably purchased it in Columbia. Asides from the logo on the headstock, the only other text on the guitar were on two stickers (which I removed) that were placed by the previous owner and said "1986 9 25" and "Shadow Under the Sun"

So I assume "Shadow Under The Sun" is the name of a band and that the guitar is at least 20 years old. Can anyone look at the photos provided, identify the guitar and tell me if it's worth fixing and playing?

Looks like an Epiphone to me

Edit: Defininitely an old epiphone, if gibsons are any indication on epi's, The loder, the beeter, the more well built. Plus, acoustics get better with age, in terms of the sound quality of the wood.
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Epi could be Epiphone maybe? And as for whether it's worth fixing or not, that's up to you, if the structural integrity of the guitar is fine then all you gotta do is restring it and get that peg fixed right? But I can't play the guitar and see how it sounds, that's up to you although I think it'd be a fun project and you have a cool story behind the guitar
Looks ok, it would only be like $10 for strings and a peg, so it is worth fixing ever if you do not end up playing it. From the picture, it looks like it may be a mexican guitar, but I could be wrong, I would say fix it and see if it sounds already.
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It's defaintely a d14 dread body style... is it nylon strings?

sorry, is that a serious question?

take the guitar to an acoustic shop. see how much it costs and ask what kind of wood it is and all that good stuff. find out as much info as you can and then you decide for yourself if it's paying for the repairs.
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