Hi, well, I got a violin back when I was about 6-7 years old. It's been sitting in it's case pretty much since then. Now, I'm wondering if I could pull it out a do something with it. It's not full size, I think it's a 1/2. It says "Knilling Bucharest" on the inside. A couple of the strings and the bow are broken. Would it be worth getting new strings put on it and getting a new bow? About how much do strings and bows cost?

Even if I do get it fixed up though, I'd like to know...

Is it anything like guitar? I mean, not the way you play it obviously, but can you teach yourself through the internet? I can't afford lessons.

Can you do the same things on a 1/2 size that you can on the full size? Is it played the same way? other than being smaller of course...

What are the basics to violin? I know nothing. Any good websites that give tips for free? How hard is it to learn sheet music for violin?

I know, this is ultimate-"guitar" but I'm sure there's gotta be a few violinists in here.

~ Thanks

EDIT: Oh, and also, it doesn't have a chin rest, is that required or optional? How much would it be to have one of those put on it?
Chin rest is quite important for violin, but I don't know of any sites, but I do now that the violin is an instrument that's very hard to master. You should look around for lessons if you're interested.
I just need about $3.50

I'm the motherflippin'
Actually, I'm in the same situation as you, I'm going to fix it up and then take band in school next year so I can learn it. It's the only way since all the teachers I tried to hire say I'm too old.
the technique for violin is much harder then for guitar

and everyone i know who plays it says that they would never try learning it without at least a few lessons
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Actually, I'm in the same situation as you, I'm going to fix it up and then take band in school next year so I can learn it. It's the only way since all the teachers I tried to hire say I'm too old.

**** ur teachers??/
too old???
strings might run u anywhere from 10-25 bucks and i'm not sure on a bow. i need to get mine restrung though. you can probably teach yourself basics and stuff from the internet. if you want to play classical music and play it well u pretty much need a teacher. technique is huge w/ violin. u can probably use a 1/2 size for now but you wont be able to get the same tones and use correct technique as you're probably too big. and it's sort of similar to guitar but no frets obviously so it takes a while to get used to that and the intervals of the strings are different (5ths?). plus the bow is awkward at first. but yeah do it and just play a bunch and you can learn to be fair at it.

EDIT: chin rests aren't needed but make it a hell of a lot more comfortable to play. they're maybe 10-20 bucks
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Yeah the best way to learn violin is to start at a young age. I started when I was 6, but I stopped when I was 9 because I didn't like it anymore. I actually regret the fact now that I quit it, but it has happened and I can't change my decision.
I just need about $3.50

I'm the motherflippin'
i just recently started playing violin myself, im not taking lessons but i bought a book for like 4 dollars to help out, but id say for sure give it a try maybe you'll like it as much as me, if not then dont play it
Its very different from guitar, technique-wise, and in that you should probably get lessons, as it isn't easy. I'm sure you could work out how to play a bit without lessons, but poor technique would really limit what you could do.

If you're not the size of, say, an 8 year old, a 1/2 size violin will probably be quite difficult to play. I find a full size one uncomfortable sometimes, because they are very small, and so notes are close together.

I'm not sure about the prices of strings and bows, but I imagine you could get cheap ones.

It's much harder to play than guitar, and requires totally different technique, and using a 1/2 size might be hard. But if you really want to try, go for it. None of this is solid fact, just my opinion, and there aren't any real 'rules' for music anyway, so give it a go.
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Of course the playing position will all be different. Music theory is always going to be the same (the scales, modes, etc) Just like guitar however there is also techniques that you can learn on the violin (Pinch harmonics and palm muting compared to ricochet bowing)
Yeah and if its a half size your going to need a bigger violin or else you'll feel cramped. Same goes with the chin rest, that usually helps a lot.
idk, I recommend you do it. I play the cello and thats how I learned how to play guitar and piano and all that. Good luck!
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Hi, well, I got a violin back when I was about 6-7 years old.

What te hell are you going to do with just the back?

But seriously. You're going to need a shoulder-support. Or... shoulder rest whatever it's called. It's very ahrd to move freely without one. It's like... trying to play a guitar standing up without a strap and without your knee to support it.
Thanks for the replies guys. I'm probably going to get some new strings on it and get a new bow. I'm going to get some books from the library on the basics of violin, and I'll try my hardest to get to some sort of level of goodness or at least non-sucky-ness, haha. But if I do give up, at least I've got a violin in selling condition, so I can use that money towards something guitar related. Or if I decide to keep playing I can sell that one and buy a full size.

LOL, Fryer Mike. I meant like, I got a violin..... back when I was 6-7.

That made me laugh for a good 5 minutes. I don't really know why I thought it was so funny, maybe too much mountain dew, but, yeah, thanks for the laugh, haha. =]

Also, back the books topic, I'm going to check out "Picture Yourself Playing Violin" and "Violin for Dummies". Any other suggestions?
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You should look around for lessons if you're interested.

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You should look around for lessons if you're interested.

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Chin rest is quite important for violin...

I don't use one.
Get a full-size, OP, and a new bow.
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Don't think you can teach yourself.

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I honestly don't even remember what the hell I did. It was two years ago.

I'd have to relearn it myself first....

Also: many people here make it sound like a shoulder rest is essential. It's not. In fact, the shoulder rest is a relatively recent development.

Most highly revered violinists do not use should rests, as playing without one ultimately gives the player more control over the body of the violin. It's a bitch to learn though. But just look at any videos of the greats: Perlman, Heifetz, Szeryng, Chang, Kyung, Ostrak, Milstein, etc. None of them use shoulder rests.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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Suzuki for Strings is a good book for all classical instruments. I think it goes all the way up to 10 based on the difficulty level.