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i was once a fashion-core douche then one of my friends told me to listen to cannibal corpse-kill. "make them suffer" was the first song that got me into metal. so which band or cd was it for you.
the band that led me to it was System of a Down, the first true metal band i liked was Iron Maiden.
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the band that led me to it was System of a Down, the first true metal band i liked was Iron Maiden.

Same here, System got me into the whole 'metal' genre.
hmm i don't know. I were 2 years old...Guns n' Roses (ok it isn't Metal) or Testament. My Sister listened to this Bands and i listened to it, too^^
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I actually got into Korn first. I picked up there album issues (probably still my favorite one from them) and from there on it was history. Not too into em these days but i listen to em every so often.
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saw them last night, and were on top form
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Sum 41 got me into rock.
System of a Down got me into metal.
Metallica and Megadeth got me into real metal.

yes, I started with one of the greatest
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Probably System of a Down, but the first band really classified as "metal" that I like is Mastodon. Amazing stuff, Id love to see em live.
Dimmu Borgir was my first true metal band, i was listening to them when i was 12 and still listening to pop-punk (only Blink-182 remains on my playlist today)
also, i'm pretty sure there's already a thread for this
Ozzy, saw one video, was hooked.
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When I first heard "Iron Man" on the first Guitar Hero it blew my mind, so I guess Sabbath was the first band that got me into metal.
ac/dc then right after that into metallica

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Apparently like a lot of other people, System then Maiden.
I bought Toxicity as a 12 year old and that really ****ed me up. Before that it was all cheesy 90's stuff. S club seven ftw!
Avenged Sevenfold kind of got me into the realm of "heavier" music, but then I discovered Opeth and it just grew from there.
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I started with slightly harder alternative stuff like Project 86 and Pillar, then got into Trivium. Then it was a small jump into Metallica and then Strapping Young Lad and Dream Theater.
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I guess Sabbath was the first real metal band that caught my attention.
I think it was War Pigs... Oh yeah...
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Lamb of God - Laid to Rest, first real metal song i loved.

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Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden, was included in THPS 4 (was about 11 or 12) and then my whole music thing started. Golden times mate
AC/DC, then Ozzy (Black Sabbath), then Metallica. After that, I've been listening to a ton of different variations of metal.
Mudvayne was the first band that got me into metal, especially the songs Silenced and Dig.
Well, the first heavier song I found myself really liking, even though it wasn't exactly metal, was either "When Worlds Collide" by Powerman 5000 or "Dig" by Mudvayne.

Then I got into a lot more nu metal and whatnot.

The first metal band I really got into was either Metallica or Black Sabbath. They were around the same time.
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Avenged Sevenfold's waking the fallen got me into like heavier music. Then I went to Bodom, then Opeth and I started learning about new bands from there.
Black Sabbath then Metallica.

Greatest Hits for Sabbath, then Kill 'Em All for Metallica. Was very young, and don't remember how long ago - but it's been a long time.
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Heard somebody play Metallica: Master of Puppets, and I was like ZOMG. Bought that album, loved it, then I got Dream Theater's "Awake", which is still my #1 favorite album by any band of all time. The final chapter into my metal discipleship was Cannibal Corpse: "The Bleeding".
Ozzy/ Sabbath
first song was
Ozzy Crazy Train
Sabbath Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
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kinda strange, but i was shitty indie kid, then went from franz ferdinand to metallica overnight

death magnetic is ace btw
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kinda strange, but i was shitty indie kid, then went from franz ferdinand to metallica overnight

death magnetic is ace btw

You DO realise that Death Magnetic =/= metal, right...?
zakk wylde on the cover of guitar world back in '03. i read the article and downloaded 2 songs and was like... i want to play this. Before when i was like 15 it was all pop rock and shit. i didnt know there was a metal scene until then. None of my friends at the time listened to metal. From BLS i got into every kind of true metal.

EDIT: its always seemed like anytime i searched for a new band i found like 10 better than what i was listening to at the time. I listen to everything from Chuck Berry to Severe Torture
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Also, check out Autopsy, the vocalist sounds like hes about to eat your grandmother while f
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Black Sabbath>Iron Maiden>Bathory>Everything else... that's pretty much how it went for me.
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Apparently, I used to listen to the Black Album when I was like 4, so that. My tracks were My Friend Of Misery, Nothing Else Matters & The God That Failed... wow.
there are loads of threads like this, but I aint gunna be a dick about it,
mine was something like:

S club 7->Gareth Gates->Sum 41->Green Day + Blink 182->Slipknot->Trivium->Metallica->Lamb Of God->'Core phase'->'back on track'->Machine head->Deicide->Necrophagist, Nile, Behemoth, Keep Of Kalessin, Gorgoroth, Agalloch and all the stuff I listen to now.
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You DO realise that Death Magnetic =/= metal, right...?

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