i was really surprised i couldn't find a thread for any of these bands. anyway, mark kozelek has become my absolute favourite songwriter. red house painters is in my opinion one of the best bands of the 90's and i think it'd be justified to claim they're underrated. down colorful hill, rollercoaster and ocean beach are all masterpieces.

sun kil moon are also pretty darn good, although not as good as red house painters in my opinion. ghosts of the great highway was great, april was good. haven't heard any of mark's cover albums yet, but i'm sure they have the same vibe as the rest of his stuff, even though they (obviously) lack his fantastic songwriting. anyways, who else digs them?

for those of you planning on getting into them/him i recommend the rhp albums mentioned earlier. and give it some time. it probably wont sink in right away, especially not early red house painters. have fun kids.

24 - red house painters
red house painters unofficial myspace

carry me, ohio - sun kil moon
official sun kil moon myspace

a bit over-ambitious, perhaps, but oh well.
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i like songs for a blue guitar, such a good record!

ignoring that fact that i am a year late in responding, but the fact still holds true.
haha ya its been awhile since i last listened to that album. i think i'm going to pull it out again. "make like paper" is such a good song.
what are the mark kozelek solo albums like? i've got nearly all rhp/sun kil moon albums and need more.
i kinda figured if anyone knew, it would have been you. i'm interested to hear that one he did of all AC/DC covers, if only to see what an artist i like can do with material that i don't.
i've got real mixed feelings on that release. half of it is good, part is amazing, and the rest is really sterile and lifeless.

I really enjoyed his version of ocean breathes salty.

grey ice water was pretty decent too if i'm remembering right.
yeah, the ocean breathes salty is a really amazing cover. i don't listen to modest mouse a lot though, so it feels kind of weird for me to comment on the album. but you know, whithout having heard the majority of the original mm versions, i like it.

i prefer his earlier work though. it's so hauntingly melancholic and depressive. i can't listen to his early work as much nowadays as i used to though. i always start feeling kind of depressed when i do. i don't know if that's normal?
absolutely normal. and i love it. RHP has been so comforting this past month.
Just discovered RHP. I heard "Have You Forgotten" after downloading the Vanilla Sky soundtrack and decided to check out the artist. REALLY great. Trailways is probably my favorite song. "But the feelings that stay with you now/get lost over time somehow." So good.
We're only strays.
Been listening to Kozelek's work for a while now, and he's definitely become one of, if not my favorite songwriters. He puts emotion into song like many artists can only dream of. I think Ocean Beach is an underrated album by him though, it's probably my favorite RHP CD, and it tends to get overshadowed by the first two. Such great songs on that one: Summer Dress, San Geronimo, Shadows, Drop, all some of his best work in my opinion. Man, so many times I've just stuck that CD in and let it play through, just lying back absorbing every note, and some parts just crush me every time.

Anyone else have the live album he just put out, Lost Verses? Some great stuff on it, I really like the version of Carry Me Ohio, and Katy's Song is as moving as ever on it. It also has a good flow to it, very soft throughout, so it makes a good background. I suggest anyone who digs his stuff checks it out.
Red House Painters: Jolly good. Ocean Beach is probably my favourite effort. Down Colourful Hill and Songs For a Blue Guitar are also very good.

Sun Kil Moon: Ghosts of the Great Highway may just be one of my favourite albums of all time. Just so sad and wonderful music. Many of my favourite Mark songs are on this album.

Solo: Do not have his proper solo album, But I do have 'Nights' which is pretty cool.
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so what do you guys think of admiral fell promises? it pains me to say it, but it's not really doing anything for me. you are my sun is the only track that has stood out to me so far. it's still all pretty lovely, just kind of directionless/dull at times. i'm only on my second play through though, so there's still hope.

still confused at him releasing it under the sun kil moon name.
that breaks my heart. maybe it will all fall into place with time? that seems to be how Kozelek's records work, at least in my case.

even so, i'm still excited to hear it.
I enjoy the new one although I don't think that it's his best. The guitar work is very lovely in my opinion.
after my first listen, i'm going to say that the middle section (everything from "Third and Seneca" to "The Leaning Tree") is phenomenal. i can totally understand where someone might say that the album is listless, though.

it seems like the kind of album that you need to listen to at 3 in the morning. perhaps by candlelight?

so i listened to half of the album last night, exactly as i had said i thought it might fit. was good.

listened to the second half this morning, outside, sitting with my dog. was better this way.
^ yeah after a few more listens, i find myself agreeing with you about the middle section. it's definitely growing on me as i familiarise myself with the wandering guitar playing that's in a few of the songs. might come round to it yet!
a chunk of the more upbeat guitarwork on the album gives me vibes of Blue. not the same style of playing or anything, but something about it gets associated in my mind.
really? i love that record and all, but i'd say that Rollercoaster and Songs For A Blue Guitar are better.

well, thinking about it more, it does change between the three quite often. i think that i just prefer those two at the moment.
New album is very pretty.

Still a bit confused as to why is was released as a Sun Kil Moon album though.
the "I'll Be There" cover! nothing radical as far as rearranging, but so sad.
I actually prefer "Natural Light" out of the covers. On par with the original, in my opinion.
"I'll Be There" is a great cover too though, and yes, it is indeed sad.
i've never been big on what i have heard by Casiotone For the Painfully Alone, but i may have to reevaluate after the "Natural Light" cover.

the whole thing is pretty great.
why are there no good tabs for carry me ohio? acoustic version is insane.
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why are there no good tabs for carry me ohio? acoustic version is insane.

correct on both counts. the two versions of the tab on blue guitar are pretty sparse.

anyone seen him live? i've read a lot of horror stories about him being a terrible jerk to the audience and his band.