So I want to start playing, but I don't know whether it be electric guitar or bass I would want. I would mainly play on my own , with backing tracks off the internet. I think if I chose electric I would playing the sounds I want, as my music is guitar dominated, but I love the look of basses, and I'm just naturally more of a rhythmic person. So I went to the guitar shop the other day, and I played a few out. One of them was a Cort xplorer, made me have an orgasm. AWESOME. Well, from my limited knowldege I think it was. Then I tried a bass out, it was good, but it was probably more down to the quality of the bass that I didn't think it was awesome. I tried a slap out, it was good, But on the day I prefered the electric. But, If I buy electric, I don't want to think I made a bad decision, and vice versa. Oh, and buying both isn't an option

So what should I do?

By the way my preffered genres are thrash metal Nu metal, Hard rock, Funk rock, Rap rock etc. Like Metallica, RATM, RHCP, Slipknot, etc.

EDIT: Also, how harder would it be to learn bass online through UG?
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You know yourself better than we know you dude. If you like the guitar better, go get a guitar. If you're not sure, go try again. It's your decision. A group of people on an internet forum can't make it for you.

Also, if you're really so unsure about it, it appearantly doesn't really make a difference. You appearantly like them both about equally. If you really can't decide, flip a coin. Heads is bass, tails is guitar.
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you should get a bass b/c if your goin join a band one day lots of bands look for good bass players and i think that bass guitar sounds alot cooler than guitar and thenonce you have more money you can bbuy a guitar
Look, they both have different roles in bands. Bass in rock is important, but in reality, if needed can be replaced with a low tone guitar. Gutiar is more of a spotlight instrument where your individual personality is easier to come out. Bass, is very important but somewhat not as individualized as guitar. It could be if you were INSANE, but seeing as how you cant even decide what you want to play, im guessing your musical capability isn't stable yet. Anyway, ur decision, but take into consideration why u are getting into playing.