I've actually started listening to a lot of darker metal lately (thank you for the introduction, Metalocalypse) in addition to power metal (Stratovarius) and I'm wondering... do they tend to use the Melodic minor or Harmonic minor scale more often? What gives the solos that Nordic sound? The raised seventh degree? Is there some other scale that I'm missing?

I saw this thread, but it didn't really go anywhere.
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phrasing, note choice and rhythm beneath matters more

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Melodic minor is usually exclusive to classical music or things with neoclassical elements.

Timo Tolkki uses it very rarely.
The vast majority of it is in a minor key. If your response to this statement is "but I know harmonic minor is used", you need to go back to the beginning and learn how the minor scale is used. I advise a good book on harmony.
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