I've just recently completed a Boss CE2 clone, but am having a few problems. However, I think I may know how to fix them now. First, I'm having some clicking in time with the oscillation of the chorus. I'm told this is most likely the result of my input/output leads being too close to the rate pot. Would I be able to remedy this by wrapping the leads in question in aluminum foil, or is there a better way? I am limited on space is the only reason I don't move them to another area of the enclosure.

Second, I'm experiencing a volume cut when I switch the pedal on. Francisco from tonepad.com suggested increasing the resistor value in the negative feedback loop for the output opamp. I just wanted to check to see if it was the correct resistor, I think it's R24 on the layout, and what value it would be good to increase it too. Here's a link to the layout: http://tonepad.com/getFileInfo.asp?id=101

Thanks for your input.