Okay I've never bothered making a practice routine, or specific exercises. I just took riffs I like that included stuff I wanna work out. So it's not that I see a bad thing with doing this, but lately I've been noticing my weaknesses more then I've been before, so I was gonna start up a serie of exercises to do everyday.

So one of the biggest thing I'm trying to work on is my pinky's strenght. In a previous thread that got closed, someone mentionned a 11-12-15 riff in Cowboys from hell, and I'll be unto it. I'm still looking for other exercises to strenghten my pinky(basicly with hammer-ons and pull-offs). If the exercises can also help other fingers that's just great, since I'm not perfect with them either, altho I'm fine. This "problem" is very obvious when I'm trying to play the intro/main riff in Downfall from Children of Bodom(that last part with the 10p9-10 part, with ring finger and pinky).

As for other exercises, I've heard of chromatic scales and what you can do with it, and I'll do that aswell, but if you have any other tips concerning those, it would be appreciated.
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practice hammer-ons and pull-offs(like quickly) between your pinky and your 4th finger( dont know its name) for about one minute.if you can do it longer, but i doubt you ll be able from the first day, and remember to do it progressively.
Look up Paul Gilbert under song names, theres a guitar pro tab with all kinds of exersizes, most of them are very good for pinky stregnthening.
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look for the shawn baxter guitar gym series 1-20... type it into google followed by rapidshare....

in there there is EVERYTHING you need to know about picking legato, economy picking etc etc...he is the best teacher alive....