made in china most of the time
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Well American flags are made in America. The American flag can be made anywhere. But mainly China.
the title sums this thread up /joke

i assume they are made outside america what with outsourcing and all
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not necessarily..... they would be the same as any consumer good really i guess.... I would guess a lot are made in Mexico or the Carribean islands....

However id say there are some pretty Nationalist people who will only buy flags from America, so i would say some are American made
i think they're mad in China...

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Google? but seriously I think they are made in America....I may be wrong though.
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American flags are made with thread from Mongolia, manufactured in China, tested in Mexico, then sent to America, then stuffed underneath dozens of pizza boxes and McDonald's wrappers.

I hope that helps.
Made in The USofA baby!

Burnt in the middle east!
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Made in The USofA baby!

Burnt in the middle east!

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