What effects would be neccessary for a post-harcore band. I want a tone similar to From First to Last, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Escape the Fate, and Blessthefall.
first, a squier bullet guitar, then a marshall mg full stack and lyon distortion pedal from target.

then just turn it up all the way and hit your guitar until you're satisfied.

but for real, an ibanez tube screamer, probably a delay of some sort (mxr carbon copy is great), chorus pedal for cleans, 7 band eq, and a noise supressor.
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overdrive, delay, chorus, and probably anything else really but those are the big ones.
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1. Ignore the first post, even tho he plays one of the most popular guitars for that genre.

2. If you are running a tube amp, then you'll need a Overdrive. If a solid state, then not.

3. A Delay, Chorus you'll use. Compressor on you're cleans will be nice to have too. An EQ for solo/lead parts would be a nice boost. The rest aren't necessary, I wouldn't mind having a Tremelo or Reverb pedal if they aren't in you're amp.

Just hit up guitar center or any Boss carrier that has one of those huge rack things with all the pedals and check them all out.
It helps to have an something like an Orange Rockerverb or a JCM2000. Those are the amps those guys tend to use and that will get you closest to the sound you want. From your profile, it looks like you've got a Dean Vendetta XM and a Peavey Transtube 258. A new amp is where I'd start. What kind of amp would depend on your budget and what you're doing with it. Do you want those tones for practise or to play with a band?
FFTL uses Oranges, and Mesa, Peavey, even Marshalls are popular. but what kind of a price range are you looking for amp wise.
My price range for an amp is from $300-500. I am perfectly fine with getting a used amp off of ebay. Keep in mind that this will be for mostly practice and small gig use.
probably a solid state if you're starting off. Hmm, i would hit up the local GC and see what amps you like best honestly. Randall amps and Peavey amps might be up you're alley at that price range.
peaveys generally suck, you should probably aim for something with a nice 12 inch speaker and buy a distortion pedal of some sort. for the music that you're aiming at, nobody uses any effects so you want your sound to be as raw as you can. tube half-stacks dominate, but if u only have $500 then you're stuck in a pickle.
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A Roland Cube 60 would be good for what you want until you can afford better. I don't know what hopespaul is talking about, because I hear these bands using delay and reverb all the time. A Cube 60 would get you some great solid state distortion, and some pretty good cleans, and it's footswitchable. A Roland Jazz Chorus + an MI Audio Crunch Box might also do what you want really well for the price. I've got a Fender Frontman 25R with a terrible distortion channel, but an amazing clean channel that sounds great with that pedal. Maybe you could find a used Marshall DSL50 combo, but those aren't as good as the head version. If I were you, I would get a Cube 60, sell the Transtube, and leave it at that for awhile.

Or you could get a Blackheart and put two or three overdrive pedals in front of it (with a noisgate) and just be ridiculous. Most emo amps ever...
What about Randall RG amps? I found a 75 watt with a 12 inch speaker for $150 on ebay? I am, of course, going to try it out at guitar center first but I want you guys opinion on it too.
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Quit talking out of your ass Peavey is known for making awesome amps at affordable prices, that are bullet proof Not to mention have one of the most popular amp for nu metal/hardcore around, the 5150/6505, these are tonal monsters that have more than earned their place in the hearts of many. Also the Ultra line, XXX and JSX are some of the most versatile tube amps for rock and metal around in there price range. I have tried boogies and diezels, ENGLs and VHTs, and all the peavey amp I mentioned will hold their own against any of these costing near double. I not saying the peaveys are better sounding, they will keep up with them in the tone department.
TS look into a new amp, save up a little and look into a Peavey 5150 usd or a triple XXX usd, both are good amps that can do what your wanting.
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From what Ive checked out, my price range can allow a Peavey Valveking 50 watt combo or a Randall RG 75 watt combo. What would be better for me?