im planning on starting a new customized project, for a H/S/S strat style guitar, but i want to replace the humbucker for 2 single coil humbuckers and the other two single coils for single coil humbuckers.

I was going to use a Seymour Duncan SLSD in the bridge and an SD SSHR with it in the bridge, an SD SSVR in the middle and an SD SSCR in the neck, and id need some help with the wiring as i want to have a volume control for each pup (no tone controls cos i never use them), and i was wanting a 5 way selector switch so i could use each pup seperate but also combine the two bridge ones.

if anyone could help me/understands what im on about, with this thatd be great (a diagram would be awesome), any help or suggestions would be great

PS i could draw a picture of what i want it to look like if it helps

I think I know what you're on about..

So you want it to look like a HSS?
But theres actually 4 pickups?
2 single sized humbuckers at the bridge position (put side by side to make it look like a humbucker), then a single sized humbucker in the middle, and a single sized HB in the neck?

If thats what you're trying to do, I can help you out with a diagram in a second, but confirm with me that thats actually what you want before I go drawing something up..

edit: also, you won't be able to fit 2 single sized pickups in a humbucker sized hole, so you'll have to do a bit of customizing there....

And some will argue that two pickups right next to eachother like that will be overkill...
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yea thats exactly what i mean, its a strat style guitar so has like a swimming pool routing job, and ill be cutting a new scratchplate, thanks for the help too!
Hope this helps..

I think a series/parallel switch for the bridge pups would be cool, but i didn't want to make it too cluttered...

also, ground all the backs of the pots, and there should be a ground wire from the bridge.
the switch I drew in should be a 3-way mini toggle (on/on/on). Th positions'll be one of the bridge single coils/both/other bridge single coil.
this is awesome! i had a similar request in a different thread, and this will help me. it's the thread on "Frankenstrat" Wiring. i'm doing three humbuckers in a swimming pool routed body. i've already ordered a pickguard from warmoth. i, too, want three volume and NO TONE, since with humbuckers, who the heck uses the tone knobs? i never have.

anyhow, thanks, since this confirms that the hot leads from the PUs should go FIRST to the individual volume pots and THEN to the switch, and THEN to the output jack.

should i ground each PU to the base of its own volume pot? seems logical...

...also, do you know how i can make sure that the middle PU is OOP with the bridge and neck? that's something i'm very much interested in, getting that strat-y "inbetween" OOP tone in positions 2 and 4...