I'm more of an electric and power chord player but I've got this riff I want to work on however there are chords that I want to ring out on an acoustic. I can't get them to do so. So I'm going to post the chords that I don't know (I can play them in power chords but am looking for a chimy sort of chord) and let you guys suggest some. the easier the chord, the better as long as it's pretty sounding because I have nerve damage in my hand and can't feel the strings which also doesn't allow me to play bar chords. thanks.

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I was going to suggest playing barres and letting the high E and B strings ring open. I know you said you can't play barres, but you could try these. It doesn't require as much strength as a full barre.
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you can try some open tunings, just be careful tuning strings up cause they can snap when you raise a string a couple semitones
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I'd also suggest open tunings. If you're worried about strings snapping use a tuning that doesn't require you to tune any strings higher such open G. (D-G-D-G-B-D low to high). Then use a capo and do your best to play barres. It should be simple enough, and you can even push down on your pointer finger with your middle finger since open chords are just a a barre across the entire fret.