This guitar is brand new. One of the best i have ever played. It just came to me yesterday but after playing it for a full day I cannot handle active pickups. I've always been strat/gibson guy and just starting getting into active pups but this is the second guiatr i've sold with them.

Like I mentioned, it is brand new, not a scratch or ding. I can include some Ernie Ball Strap locks in black which is another $25 value.

I can also throw in a hard case which DOES NOT come with the original guitar but fits it 100%.

without the case $800 + shipping
with the case $880 + shipping

I am in Canada and will ship anywhere in Canada and the US. I can also give you my ebay ID for safety purposes but any payment needs to be done with a confimed paypal address.

$879 without a case + taxes in certain states. For Canadians it's even more expensive. Oh and it is new.