Or likes to think they have the mind or knowledge for it?

I'm trying to learn all about guitars and amps and how they work etc etc from my boss but there's so damn much to do.
It's all great learning though.

Is anyone else here like that?

I like to think I know a bit about stuff but I don't..
My work only deals with Fender, Jackson, Digitech, dB tech and EVH (the 5150III amp)

So my knowledge is limited to those companies.

Anyone else here learning or already is a guitar tech?
I've been trying to learn alot for a while now. I still have a little while to go (Mainly Because I'm 17yrs Old).
The only thing that I find myself having trouble with is amps. Not things like changing tubes, but wiring and everything. Also, I have yet to do fretwork as well.

Like I said, I have a little while to go here.
One of my closest friend has teched for many bands and traveled the world.
The money is pretty decent, just occasionally there are times when he does not work.
He has had good years and bad.

We jam together as well. He is a solid rhythm player as well.
Not here... try GB&C though, there are a lot of luthiers/guitar techs there.
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