here's a rarity, i'm making my own thread instead of spamming someone elses.

anyway as the title says i'm in the market for a bass distortion or fuzz or od of some description

the sound i've got in my head is quite similar to Stuart Zender's distorted tones on the "travelling Without Moving" album especially the song "High Times" yes i know theres also something like an envelope filter on the bass aswell but right now i'm only interested in the distortion

also something that could get me close to the tone of the lead line in Stevie Wonder's Superstition would be fantastic, i absolutely love that sound

most people here know what i play, i advertise it enough. and for those who don't know, it's the tasty as hell sunburst jazz bass with a tort pickguard and maple fretboard and MEC pickups and P bass bridge cover.

and sadly i'm still running it through a very sorry Fender Rumble 100/115

budget isn't really an issue, i know how to save if i have to.

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sansamp bass driver or a fulltone pedal.

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Fulltetone is probably the best option.

If you don't want to spend that much Ashdown Hyperdrive, Boss ODB-3, Digitech Bass Driver are worth looking at.
Fulltone bass drive again. I have never once regretted buying it.
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Got give Jack his props, I tried a Fulltone recently and they are a great pedal. The Boss ODB-3 is a good economic option, but there more of a fuzz than a true overdrive and they take a decent amount of knob noodling to get your exact desire tone.
I always recomend this, but bassfuzz.com has some great reviews. The selection is a little limited, especially for the big, easily attainable brands, but they have a lot of cool boutique stuff (I'm really GASing for a 3xFX fatman, which I might get soon)
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Please, just consider the EBS valvedrive. It can act as a tube-preamp too, so all you would need to buy is a poweramp and voila, new setup.
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the mxr blowtorch or the fulltone bass driver

either of these.

I've been GASing for the Blowtorch for the last week, Bob the old guy with 80 basses brought it in to Lab Jazz Band and was using it to mess around for a while.

that is the most wonderful fuzz I've ever used, it may qualify as superfuzz.

I want one. I might buy it before I get a new amp...
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they just released a bass version of the popular fuzz/distortion unit

i recommend it (prepares for flaming)

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I'm going to go ahead any say Fulltone as well, I have on and haven't had any complaints.

I'd also look at this though - Dave Hall Bass Drive.
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Has anyone had any experience wit the Ashdown overdrive pedal?

Yep i even own it it goes anywere from low drives that barely effect the tone to some rip roaring drives. i can get a faily good timmy sound and the bassiest from muse i forget his name)I really like and recommend it.

Also try out the ebs valve drive i intend to get one there a bit pricy around 215 euro new. but are well worth it. For some reason ive never liked distortion but love overdrive weird.
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Has anyone had any experience wit the Ashdown overdrive pedal?

Check my profile for an MP3 demo of the Ashdown Hyperdrive
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Check my profile for an MP3 demo of the Ashdown Hyperdrive

That sounds pretty sweet, I'll have to head down to my local music store and check it out, I'm selling my paintball gun on friday so I might be able to get one lol
Oh and im playing that ashdown drive through th same amp as you dan0 and at higher volumes it starts to fart out abit. But this seems to only happen on my amp. and not on any others ive played it through.
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Hey hey hey, let's not forget the first person to every buy a Fulltone - me!

But seriously, a Fulltone is a straight overdrive, and nothing more. It's not a fuzz by any stretch. And I don't think you'll ever get the tone of a clavinet on a bass, distortion or not.
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