Been GASin' for one of these for nigh on 2 years now, just for some reason never gotten hold of one, the time has come though, within the next 2 weeks i WILL be getting one... but which one?

As im in the UK and my budget is limited to about £500 ($900)

My choices are:
'62 Re-issue CIJ
Mexican Classic Player Series

The only thing is the finish, god-damn i love the black/tortoise, but i also love the sunburst/tortoise and candy apple red too!

Pro's and con's of each?

Oh and, pics are lovely if anyone has one of theirs!
I played a Jazzmaster, i think just a standard 06', 400$, and it was a pretty tasty guitar. good bluesy twang, some good acoustic tones, and it sounds fantastic with a good, almost synth, fuzz pedal turned waaaay the hell up. If you have more well-rounded guitars and wanna expand a collection, go for it.
There are a couple songs in my profile where I use one. I like them a lot. The neck is a little better (IMHO) then a Jaguar, plus the pickups and bridge are better.