Recently on a camping trip some of my friends gave me and two of my other friends ex-lax in our smores (with a soccer game 3 hours away the next day and it take 6-12 hours to kick in). How dare they mess with a man's food, and such an innocent food at that? So... We are trying to plot our revenge but so far we've come up with nothing.
Convince the nazguls they have the ring.
1. Dip your right ball in peanutbutter
2.Then your left in vinigar


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Stop Performing Meathook Sodomy On Yourself
tea bag them while there asleep. they'll wonder why there mouth tastes funny in the morning...
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I hate trying to cover up my cheese in school because the bimbo next to me dislikes the smell of pure love.

I'm bringing farts back!
tie them down and make them a) listen to the jonas brothers, or b) watch disney channel all day........both seem like cruel and unusual punishment to me
put your cum in their mouths
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I like staring at girls' boobs and seeing how long it takes them to say something and what their reaction is. It's win-win-win

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I once saw two snails fuck. It was pretty damn cool.