I will have atleast $200-300 to spend, so im wondering what pedals to get for a crate v50. I definately need distortion or overdrive, so what else. I dont get into the crazy thing like tom morello when he does all that with his effects.

Please mention what pedal, and how much it is.

EDIT: Forgot to mention i play metal.
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a wah is fun, i have a crybaby 535q that you can adjust to different tones, i like it
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edit: with the mention of metal, i will suggest the mxr blue box.

Looked at that. Said it had modulation which is not something i want.
Distortion - Metal Muff is my favorite, but none will give you the tone you're looking for I think. Metal Muff sounds better imo then any Boss or MXR or Line6 "High Gain Metal Music" pedals.

A Delay is a pedal you can always use, look into a Boss DD3 or 6 or 7.

That'll fill up you're budget. Do not go and buy Danelectro, Beheringer, or any cheap pedals that you think sound good, because you will hate them in no time. Bite the bullet and get Boss, MXR, ElectroHarmonix, and other expensive pedals.
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Looked at that. Said it had modulation which is not something i want.

Modulation is a good thing in this case. It's a great, unique, crazy lead tone. Look up some good videos.


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Out of the most popular Wah's, i found the Ernie Ball to be better then Dunlop, Vox, Ibanez. Im sure you can find some better ones tho. And the biggest most expensive Metal Muff is the best.